pic: WCP: Aluminum Gears - Black


After much wait, I’ve started to get the gears back from anodizing and they are going up for sale.


Most if not all gears are 1:1 replacements for AM Gears for about 1/3 the weight.

If you have any questions, please email here: rc@wcproducts.net

Have fun!


At first I was puzzled because I thought this was a teaser:)

They look really nice RC.

Good job and good luck!


Just wanted to hear some peoples input on these gears. Who’s using them? Any problems with them?

FRC604 uses WCP gears in our drive transmission with custom plates. They’re working great for us, and they sound beautiful. (:

Disclaimer: I haven’t attended any competitions with the team yet, so I can’t don’t have much information.

971 used WCP gears in their drivetrain and I haven’t heard any complaints about it. I have heard lots of praise for the driveline from our mentors and drivers, so I would presume they are working magnificently.

Team 612 used them to build our appendage arm gear box. I was quite impressed by the weight and strength of the gears. We plan on using them in the future for custom gearboxes.

No problem with the ones we have, but availability has been an issue

816 is running WCP 56T 20DP gears in their Intake and Lift Gearboxes. As far as I know, the Gears have held up flawlessly. During Assembly and Initial Testing the WCP gears were clearly worth the price premium, they’re lighter, higher quality and more efficient than what most of us are used to in FRC.

We’re running them in our single speed and even machined to accept a braking system and they work flawlessly and weigh nothing compared to the steel gears. Highly recommend them

We used them in our drive train transmission, no problems at all. Looking forward to making our entire transmission out of them next year. Just wondering, AM is selling gears as well, are they a distributor of wc products?

Sorry about that Cory, we are stocking up and getting ready for the future. Vendors did not deliver on time, or within their allotted overflow time.

AM is a Distributor for WCP.