pic: WCP: Dead Axle Colson Wheel Hubs

It is a pleasure to announce a new product to the market, press fit hub for 1.5" Wide Colson Performa caster wheels for use with 3/8" dead axles.

People have been asking for a COTS method of using these wheels and WCP has delivered.

This product brings some East Coast flavor to the company. Colson Perfroma wheels have long been used in Battlebots but have had a hard time breaking into the FRC market due to the need for custom interfacing. This is where our products come in. Colson Performa wheels have a Durometer of ~65 on the Shore A scale. The wear properties of these wheels means no more dealing with pop riveting of tread.

These wheels can be sourced directly from Colson, or various other caster distributors.

The following part numbers are from Robotmarketplace.com and are a fit to this hub:

3" OD x 1.5" Width - Part# BPDW05
4" OD x 1.5" Width - Part# BPDW09
5" OD x 1.5" Width - Part# BPDW14
6" OD x 1.5" Width - Part# BPDW17

NOTE: This product will work with the “Kitbots” from AndyMark and VEXpro

Bore: 0.875" - R6 Flanged Bearing
Outside Diameter: 2.250"
Hub Flange Thickness: 0.250"
Bolt Circle: Same as AndyMark
Bolt Thread: 10-32
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Find them Here: http://wcproducts.net/wcp-00052/

Nice looking product!

At the time of this post (one day after the picture above was uploaded) the WCP site indicated this product is sold out.

Will WCP be able to meet the requirements for a COTS supplier that are given in the [R23] of FRC Manual?

I know RC will get around to answering this question, but in the interim:

RC and WCP experienced a delay and only received all of the inventory yesterday. Right now RC is busy quality checking and organizing the products.

The site should go “live” within the next few days, and I can assure you with the amount of stock RC has, he shouldn’t be running out of parts anytime soon.

For constant and instant updates, teams will want to go to WCP’s facebook page.

Thanks! I just ordered a set.

I like Colson wheels for FRC, and am looking forward to giving these hubs a try.

Richard, you wont regret it, FRC2168 ran the prototypes to these hubs for the 2011 season. The wear properties, grip, and overall performance has convinced us that using any other wheels just wouldn’t be the same. For reference, these are the exact wheels we pressed onto the hubs: 4"x1.5" Colson Performas

This year for more ground clearance we are going with the 5"x1.5". I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of them.

Will there be live axle hubs too, someday? You guys are making some cool stuff.


This is How we roll!!!


Looking good, I’m glad to see they worked out for you so far. Care to share your experience on the pressfit and overall quality of the parts?

We just recieved our hubs yesterday, when the wheels come in I’ll post up some pictures as well.

Sorry to double post, but here’s our Colson Performas mounted into our chassis:

Thanks to WestCoast Products we saved a lot of time machining our own again and got a higher quality product. We strongly suggest other teams take a look at these in the future.