pic: We be shooting

Prototype shooter (Rev. 4) shooting last week

Are you guys going to be releasing any info on the shooter?
Are you working on a robot prototype yet? Lol I’m interested in hearing! :slight_smile:

It would appear they are releasing about five balls per second, at ~30ft/sec. That information alone is interesting. :]

That is interesting indeed! Haha but how accurate is it? And at that distance, I could foresee lots of problems…

Especially because they’re too far to be shooting from anywhere near the airship…

I also should note that it looks like at least 2 of those shots are not going to make it in. (I could easily be wrong.) So, maybe high ball-capacity?

As a prototype, it won’t be very accurate. I forsee 1501 shooting lots and lots of half/full field shots.

Might want to check if that’s legal.

(beaten to it…)

I can get behind that lol. I’m more concerned with the fact of where they are on the field rather than their accuracy. Also, this is a still image of balls in air. We don’t have any actual info from the creators about it, or even how far they are into the design process.