pic: We Didn't do it!

Actually that’s not us. That’s our practice robot given to (hopefully) the pre rookie team at Rush Henrietta. I’m not sure who was the guilty party here.

Denominator singing: Lonely I’m Mr Lonely, I have nobody, For my owwnnn.

Team 1511’s robot singing: I’m a sexy girl in the robot world, Life isn’t plastic, it’s fantastic

Ok… on the serious note. I see two of my favorite teams in the picture. It was a great season.

I remember that.
I am suprised rhino bot held on. :slight_smile:

Arefin… rhino bot ISNT a girl… havent you ever seen its lead screw? lol

Eh… nothing that’s not already on our kill-list. :cool:

Such a pretty robot, even on her side.

229 flipped 1511 (and was later DQ’d for it) then flipped herself somehow. (Rookie driver).
Yes, 195 killed us good at nationals. The damage done haunted us into the semi-finals against the 175/33/108 alliance where we ended up losing.

this isn’t as impressive as 1511 flipping their own bot twice during the drag races on sunday :wink: . And on the note of us flipping ourselves, did anyone else notice the arm on Denominator is tucked in? I didn’t do it! :rolleyes: It wasn’t me!! :rolleyes: I’m just the operator, you can’t blame it on me!!! :rolleyes:


P.s. Does anyone remember, or have a picture/video of, the final match where we fell over and righted ourselves?