pic: We didn't need that many but why not.

Fancy piston holders as per machinist Sean’s request

Nice looking HSM toolpaths. I’d be curious to know some details on the type of cutter, spindle RPM, feedrate and run time on milling these out.

We used a 3 flute 3/8" endmill, 7500 rpm with feedrate of around 80, which was the max for the machine we used. Run time was about 20 minutes.

20 minutes? that sounds pretty fast to me!

It was pretty fast. Might have been like 22 or 23 minutes. But all the time was on the set up.

What programming system did you use? What where the cutting condition used? (Depth of cut, step over)

I will have to get with Sean (our machinest) to get those answers. I just do the dxf :smiley:

He uses MasterCam though.

Holy wasted material batman! Looks like a huge amount of stock being turned into chips.

Good cycle times though