pic: we have a new scoring record!

This happened during one of the practice matches today at the MAR Championship haha


This is what happens when you attempt to play battle-bots instead of rebound rumble lol

What the…I don’t even.

Ok, who let the FTAAs near the ref touchscreens??

How did that even happen? That’s almost 1 technical foul every second.

I’d guess that it was field testing time? There was a “match” like this at KC that was like 1133 to 850 or something to that effect…

2 three pointers every second? Pretty good I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey hey hey, GKC week 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

KC P16
1763, 3528, 525 - 1341
3764, 3507, 2410 - 1512

The announcer was like “Robots doing VERY good this match”

haha yeah, that was it. I was only off by a few hundred…

Sorry, but I have to do this. *Well

Jeez! I have written enough essays this week!


Guess this tops ours from 2005

penalties 2005.jpg

penalties 2005.jpg

This was in the semis? I want to know the story here.

That picture is from this thread from 2005