pic: We pulled a 118 (or should I say a 811) at Battlecry.

Our rope snapped and we landed perfectly upside down.

I have a question: What was the train of reasoning behind a bottom-mount climber as opposed to a top mount climber?
I’m not saying it’s bad of course.

I ask because we didn’t even attempt a bottom mount climber and went straight to a top-mount because we thought it would be quicker to make.

Did you run a setup similar to 118 where the climber is powered by some of the drivetrain motors?

I believe the idea is that the rope would not swing, and they could have the rope wrap around the winch a few times before it would take any load. It waa really disappointing when they went to the top mounted one, as the unique solution had a lot of potentials. Very 118 of them to play the game in a way FIRST did not expect them to play it in, such as their bridge hanger in 2012.

The climber was put there because we had a lot of structural integrity with the drivetrain, so we decided to build upon that. The only climb failures were due to gearbox issues, and as seen above, a rope failure.

We discussed utilizing a PTO from the drivetrain for the climber after GSD due to talks of an active gear mech and shifting some other stuff around, but it never happened. We opted for a singular 775Pro for the majority of the season, but added another for Champs.

That is correct - we also sewed a bungie into the rope so that it would stretch allowing for us to get a few turns on the drum before we went up.

Makes sense.
Were you using a Velcro capture? We opted for a mechanical capture because we were concerned that Velcro might be outlawed in a rule update.

Ouch! Was the robot okay?

On a side note, we need “Steamworks robots falling but it’s the Roblox death sound” immediately :stuck_out_tongue:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with said sound:

Yes we are using hook velcro, and haven’t had any issues with it all season.

Ouch! Was the robot okay?

Yup! The only damage it sustained was a single piece of box stock was bent about 30 degrees which was quickly bent back into place. Other than that, there was no damage whatsoever.