pic: Web Hug 2007

CD Web Hug at the Championship event in Atlanta, 2007. Dave

Awesome, Dave! There’s Greg Needel in the crew shirt, Jacob Komar (sp?) at the very left in the red hair (I think), and me in the orange hair with a 107 shirt on. Is that Pavan in the Robonauts shirt to the right of me? There are some more common CD users in there that I couldn’t even come close to recognizing by name.

I spy beans!! (Roho)

Jeff Rodriguez is hiding me ~__^
But he’s hidden too, so it’s okay.

I spy with my little eye… lol Jack Kentfield with the Top-Hat on in the background, and Mike Martus obviously, and then Kelli from 111 as well.

I’m sure I know more of these people by username than in person.

Those are the pictures I took at the web hug

Even though I was late, it was thrilling to have my (screen)name called and get to pick up a t-shirt and hexbug. I gave the t-shirt to Jane Young (who missed the hug because she was helping me!) but kept the bug!
Thanks CD for all you do!

Jane’s story:

I’m standing there doing something and here comes Jenny from somewhere - (Jenny always appears from somewhere in her blue FIRST shirt and vest of many pockets that hold wondrous things like Greg Needel buttons) - with a rolled t-shirt, saying ‘catch’. I did. She asked if I would wear the web hug t-shirt if she gave it to me (AREYOUKIDDING?) and I got to keep it. Wore it home on the plane, all of Sunday, and slept in it. I’m also still wearing my neon pink volunteer bracelet that I got Saturday morning even though I didn’t get to volunteer much that day. I’m thinking it may fall off some day but want to see how long it will stay- the bracelet, not the tee.
Thank you for my web hug t-shirt, Jen, and I’ll be sure to go to Radio Shack and get a bug. A gold one.

And, to join with Jenny, thank you CD!