pic: Week 3 Teaser

Little bit of a teaser.


This is an abuse of the word teaser
Its a bellypan. A nice one, but theres nothing “teaser” about this.

This isn’t really a teaser, since the rest of the robot is nowhere to be seen. You apparently just showed us your bellypan isn’t the most shiny… :confused:

This is TOTALLY a teaser. That’s an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and 3D printed models of the electrical components.

I’m totally teased.

Definitely a teaser. We not know their chosen robot dimensions, we know they have seven speed controllers, and we know their bellypan doesn’t span to the very front of the robot.

Do we though? they might have 16 for all you know :smiley:

I see some versa frame, 7 Talons, a battery, roborio, PCM (We now know there will be pneumatics), radio, VRM and a single bumper mount. Oh and two very nice looking belly pan.

Although not the traditional teaser of a manipulator, still definitely a teaser of the unfinished product.

This really isn’t. It’s a mostly complete mechanism that illustrates a lot of information about the rest of the robot. Much less than this and there’s nothing to think about - much more than this and it’s not really hiding anything.

Mostly complete mechanism?

Yes…? What is your definition of a mechanism?

Not a good teaser? This is great! 6wd, two robots, 7 Talons, pneumatics module, cut away bumper on one side for intaking something.

I like seeing finished robot parts, much better than when people post “teasers” like this:

Woah, tough crowd.

Very cool design. I can’t help but be distracted by that giant paper! It seems useful for lining up parts to see if they’re cut correctly.

Did you use a CNC mill or outsource to make that bellypan?

0/10 no golden retriever.

Y’all think this isn’t much of a teaser, but Nick is laughing mightily behind the screen as we all miss the first glimpse of a wheel being driven directly from the battery. No motors or gearbox needed, just a battery, a conveniently based bearing hole, and some Colsons.

I’ll let on another little hint for everyone: there’s 8 Talons. Someone forgot to order one :P.


The paper is the idea of our teacher/lead mentor. Before becoming a teacher, he worked as a mechanical engineer designing satellites. When it came time to do all the electrical wiring in a satellite, they would print out a big sheet of paper with the placement for all the electronics done on a 1:1 scale. They’d stick the paper to plywood or something and then mount all the electronics to it. Using this mockup, they could wire everything together, make a wiring harness, and transfer it all into the real satellite. So, we’re doing something similar: mounting all the electronics to the bellypan (using the paper as a guide) and making a big wiring harness, removing everything in one piece when it’s done. Then, once we get the comp bot back from powdercoat it’s just drop in and bolt everything down.

And both bellypans were cut on a laser cutter and professionally finished by one of our sponsors.

Was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice that :wink: