pic: Week 4 Progress

Finishing up Week 4, should have a competition ready robot by bag day. See you in San Fran and Hawaii!!! #4270 #Houstonherewecome

Pretty sure that’s not a legal battery.

Are you sure that’s legally sized? It looks kinda big.

That’s not a legal motor too. (Well, maybe. Supposedly some drills use a 550 or equivalent motor.)

It’s 36mm by 40 mm by 24 mm or 30 mm by 32 mm by 36 mm, right? :wink:

Pretty sure this is still bigger than 1296 was last year.

But does this one come complete with a fog machine? I don’t think so.


Does the yellow film put you over the weight limit?

I guess if you stall the drill enough, it will become a fog machine :rolleyes:

Fun fact, the $20 Harbor Freight cordless drill has a 550 motor in it. When I was building a robot on the cheap, I plunked a NeveRest motor in there with a very slight shaft modification (Dremelling a flat), and you could fit a 9015 in there the same way. And then I powered the whole robot using the battery I got for free. :slight_smile:

(Full disclosure, I work for AndyMark that sells both NeveRest and 9015 motors.)

Where are the bumpers going to go?

We forgot the bumpers!!! Good thing we are within the size restrictions.

Let me guess;
5+ high goal per sec
.5 sec climb
Capable of doing 15 gear cycles
All while playing field shutdown defense against the other team.

Truthfully it’s probably better than that?

We have 2 more weeks to improve upon that!

Just get one of those batteries that has a built in tracking system, or at least LEDs that show the state of charge. Either feature makes it a COTS computing device, therefore legalizing it. :stuck_out_tongue: