pic: Week 4 Teaser

I took the feedback from the last teaser into account and decided to post something a little more revealing.

You guys like this one better?

This is abuse of the word teaser…

Overall it looks pretty nice, can’t wait to see the rest of the robot.

first part is sarcasm

Big Robot looks big. Make sure your bumpers fit in the sizing constraints.

Agree, it looks too big. If those are VF tubes, it looks like 30" square, which will be about 37" square with bumpers. G4&R3 this year refer to the whole robot, not just the chassis, but including the bumpers. See Team Update 1 and the latest blog. Edit: though perhaps I miscounted an inch one way or the other…

I am not going to assume like everyone else but what is the size of that chassis ? As everyone is iterating what sure it fits within the size constraints.


I counted holes in the VF, and it’s 34" long, at least. You guys are cutting it VERY fine on size. Bumpers are squishy and floppy and R03/G04 is NOT squishy. Bumper fabric that flops outside 40" means you’re in violation and subject to the relevant penalties. A welded frame isn’t going to give you much option for adjustments at competition. You guys better have really tightly wrapped bumpers with some impressive corners. I’d go with the vertical noodle corners, cause I think you’re doomed if you try mitered ones. You should consider getting sized by your inspection crew ASAP, because there’s probably going to be arguments.

EDIT: And 30" wide. Assuming they get everything tight. Didn’t anyone tell you guys to give yourself a little wiggle room? 1" smaller in each direction wouldn’t have killed you.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the concern. I can confirm it will be within the sizing box with bumpers.


What are those little doohickeys?

Those are Cleco fasteners. They are great for temporarily holding parts together before riveting, to make sure everything is square.

Looks to be 33"x30", not including fastener heads etc. That’s a fine, close shave there.

If it’s 33x30, that’s not even a close shave. Your bumpers will be outside bounds. 30" + 2(2.5" + 3/4") = 36.5"

The noodles can compress a 1/4" on each side relatively easily. I measured our bumpers from last year and they are close to 2 1/2" thick.

Pool noodles are not supposed to be compressed. Bumpers should range from 3.25 to 3.5 normally.

Noodle compression as a result of smoothing BUMPER fabric is not considered deformed. Any compression beyond that, e.g. for the purposes of flattening the noodle, is deformation and a violation of R29-C.
0.25" compression is arguable. That might be a reasonable amount to get bumper fabric tight. The thinner you go, the more likely you are to get flagged, though. I think 3847 was one of the teams responsible for this, they had a saran wrapping technique that compressed the pool noodles by up to an inch, I think. They Q&A’d it and were shot down on several points and this rule showed up the next year.

I am sorry but how did you do that? The noodles are 2 1/2" and even compressed by 1/4 or even 1/2" they would end up at LEAST 2"
So with 3/4" wood backing that would be 2 3/4" without accounting for ANY fastener thickness …or fabric…

We have not been told how this is going to be checked but I would imagine there will be a sizing box of some sort…

As an inspector… a robot has to fit into that box without doing EXTRA compression from the box…

For our frame estimates this year we used a 3.5" thickness for the bumper… 2 1/2 for the noodle, 3/4 for the wood, 1/8 aluminum for the angle we use to mount it and another 1/8 for the fabric. We would rather be smaller than the limit than take a chance at being over.

be careful…
This is incredibly HARD to fix at a regional…

I see what you did there!:stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the board on the Roborio?

Spartan Board