pic: Week 6 222

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Looking good 222!

What kind of cable is that on the lift?

Looked like Polycord from the FB pics.

Reminds me a lot of 25 from 2007. That lift was like sex on sexy wheels.

That’s what I thought too, but wouldn’t polycord stretch too much in a lift application?

The pics I saw on FB made it look like ordinary ol’ rope.

it’s 1/8" orange spectra cable (I know it’s overkill, but it’s gotta look good too :wink: )

Ahh, very cool. What’s the breaking strength on that stuff?

it’s a measly 2500 lbs.

Only you would say 2500lbs is measly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish you guys were coming to Philly, I really want to see this thing in action. Btw, where’s the claw?

We don’t know yet… :ahh:

We are building Fraternal twins this year and this is our first born…

This year we have tiger teeth!


Looks more like a Fang to me. :smiley:

Fraternal twins, not identical??

Looks great guys, we look forward to teaming up in Boston (hopefully!!)


remember we’re hicks…that’s teeth to us :wink:


They truly are going to be fraternal. We are changing the drive tubes slightly to eliminate a potential weakness around the wheel pockets and we are changing our shaft support for the banebots p60 that drives our winch. The twins will perform exactly the same though.

We’re looking forward to our first trip to Boston and to playing some rounds with you guys!

I laughed at that one.

No roller claw for you guys?

Let just say that’s in the trash and our teeth grew in one day…

That looks almost exactly like our robot!!! What are you using to drive the lift? We are using two window motors

we’re using a banebot 775 through a p60 gearbox to drive the lift.

EDIT: Somebody else wrote a reply a few seconds before me…

This Robot looks a lot like ours but ours is a little bit bulkier than yours and we have a mini bot that’s pretty rockin’!