pic: Week 6 Regional - Key West

A shot from the lunch break during Saturday of the Key West regional! Thanks to all the Volunteers who helped out, and congrats to the winning teams! Not only was this the best first-year regional that I’ve ever seen, it probably was one of the best regionals ever!

and I thought they’d wait to open the Key West beach regional when we finally had a water game :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was really unfair when the Red Alliance (forgot which team) got 42 Dogma Penalty points. The ball clearly rolled down the beach and was pulled out to sea and should have been replaced.

I found that if you cranked up the heat, and turned on a light fan while watching the webcast, it really felt like you were there.:stuck_out_tongue:


You should have used the earlier picture showing the refs vacuuming up the sand from the carpet :smiley:

The refs don’t vacuum any more. This year, they have Roombas :smiley: .

I just wanted to congratulate the Chairman’s award winner (team number escapes me at the moment) for their project that helps get colonies of Sea Turtles involved in FIRST. Turtles + Robots = :]

What about QF3-1, where a coconut fell off the tree and scored for the blue alliance? They would have won anyway, but just sayin’

Sadly, it was all over for S.P.A.M, early Friday afternoon, after one of the rookies thought he really could play a water game with our robot :ahh:

Finally the reason behind the MC’s hawaiian attire is apparant. They were trying to tell us all along that we had the wrong uniforms on.

I was glad to see a home team win the Imagery award. I thought they would have gone witha tropical theme, but Hemingway’s Cats had those sweet foam paws. I wonder if they made a special deal to get 3777 as their number?

And didn’t the judges seem to be having a great time? The parrot patterned tropical shirts (replacing the traditional unflattering blue polo) were fun. (Many of the judges were commenting how they can wear this shirt to any happy hour!) And how about those Regional Chairman’s Award interviews done from the lounge chairs!
And the new “Taken by Storm” award! Very competitive.