pic: Weight Issues?! Need help!

So we have a leftover 350 that we thought we would prototype. Speed and power are not the problem, however weight seems to be the issue. Any suggestions?

Is this the 2 x 4 shooter from SRL? :eek:

I think our kit is missing that engine… wait were we allowed to use engines? Checking flowchart… nope, uh oh somebody needs to do a little redesigning. I hope you haven’t already made your second practice bot.

In the immortal words of Myth Buster Jamie, “Well there’s your problem right there!”
Rule <E885> clearly states that an exhaust pipe longer than two inches is not required. But for safety reasons, I would suggest using ear protection.

Lemme guess:

An old pitching machine (courtesy of GM) for the Detroit Tigers?

Naw, that’s definately the 2x4 pitcher from SRL… I’d love to see that thing in action, live someday.

Drill some holes in the frame and you might be close.

I’ll try to do my best with all of your suggestions, lol. :yikes:

Weight Issues? It appears that tetanus is the true problem that there is with that machine.

This looks like the perfect application of magnetic monopoles. Being that they are rare finds you better get the team out searching right away. Also you can put the monopoles up on E-bay after the comp. That should fund the team for a couple years.

Swiss cheese it!!!

was the tire in the kit of parts? we can get up that ramp now…

What to know where this came from? http://www.srl.org/ :yikes:

I have two words, though they all have been said in diffrent ways, “start drilling”

i think my team’s faculty adviser has one of those in his pocket somewhere.