pic: Welcome to BECKER, MN!

Becker, MN just put up this sign commemorating our 2013 State Championship! This sign will go up with our school’s recent Football State Championship sign.

Proof that Becker is home to brawn and brains!

How did you get those made? My old team has been looking to get something similar made for our successes.

Very cool sign! You guys were a great alliance partner :slight_smile:

Contact your city manager / traffic engineering department and ask for their contacts at a local sign shop…

He is correct - we had to work with our City Manager. It took a long time to get it moving, but once we had two teams that wanted them things got taken care of quickly.

You didn’t say so, but I’m assuming this sign is now posted under the city name sign at one or more roads into the city?

It is under the City Population sign on US Highway 10 (both from the East and West).