pic: Welcome to two Rookie FRC Mentors...

On the heels of a strong Rookie 2006 appearance, rumor has it that these two female role models have signed long-term deals with 1712 :wink:

Jen and Katie will hurt me later, but I just wanted to say how grateful all of 1712 is that teacher / mentors Jen Sciandra and Katie Cooper, along with 103 Alum. and college student / mentor Mike Williams (not pictured here), are on board. Here’s to a bright future!

so true. that was a great event.

Jen,Katie, and Mike:

You ran your team with style.

Remember back in September when we told you it would all be worth it? Now you understand!

We look forward to seeing you in the off-season and at next year’s Ramp Riot with your very own machine.

Congratulations From your friends at 341!

Looking nice with all of those awards in a row…

Thank you for everything Mike, Cooper, and Sciandra!

There I am, looking at the wrong camera.