pic: Well... Oops.

And THAT is why I’m afraid of using plastic instead of buying the performance wheels… How much weight was loaded on the wheel before it failed?

User error or wheel failure?

Is that the old or new version?

I would guess this is user error/intention.

Did you use threadlocker on/near the wheel?

Full 2014 robot weight. However, it already had a crack in it to begin with.

User error. Bolts were tightened way too tight and cracked the wheel. Didn’t notice there was a crack in it until it was too late.

Old version, it was on the 2014 robot.

Nope. Just overtightened them.

This brings back bad memories…

Team 20 used the same KOP wheels for most of the 2013 season, and we had this happen many times, sometimes during matches. For our later offseason events and the 2014 season, we switched to colson wheels, which have served us very well.

Yep that would do it too.

I’ve done this enough to never use Anydmark plastic wheels again. Not had any issues with performance wheels, Vex wheels, and no one can be quiet about how great colson wheels are, so I’m happy to skip on AM plastic wheels.

so it’s AM’s fault the team over tighten the wheels? I would like to state that I have used AM plastic wheels for over 6 seasons with no failures. I guess it is how you use them? It’s like reading the game manual before you design your robot.

They’re good kids; we just can’t think of enough things to tell them not to do.

Well in any case it’s a cool paperweight and wall hanger memorabilia.

We’ve had a few break after only 2 regionals worth of use, I’ve never had any other wheel do that.

So in short, yes.

In 2010 we ran AndyMark plaction wheels on our 6 wheel drive and they survived. Even with us slamming down hard on them when we went over the bump.

I guess the correct answer is YMMW.

I’ll exercise my right to choose whatever wheel I please. :rolleyes:

No, but they did redesign them, and having a wheel that you can hit with a hammer without any concerns (colson, performance, etc) is probably better than one that many, many teams have been able to break by accident. (But for some teams $2.50](http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-0940.htm) is just too good to pass up)