pic: We're just rollin' along

At first look I knew this was a 604 wheel. Simply amazing.

One question I have: It appears as if there is neither a key pattern nor hex pattern inside the wheel, and I can’t find a place to put a sprocket on, so how are you going to drive the wheel? :confused:

Thanks! We are going use a 1/2in hex broach, as soon as we get one.

Whats the function of the 6 holes on the outside of the rim? Beautiful looking hubs though.

Hasn’t been broached yet.

The wheels are two halves and the tread is clamped in between. The 6 holes attach the two halves.

Looks great!
Very similar to our setup as we just completed our “X” inch 2 piece wheels also.

stick some spinners on there and youre good to go!

Woh, you have variable diameter wheels! :rolleyes:

Ooohhh seven wheel drive! Every year I try to talk my team into 7 wheel drive. lol.

They are so pretty spinners are not needed. Can I get a set of four in 18 inch for my truck.

Are you taking advance orders? :rolleyes:

We were wondering on where you were planning on ordering your belts and what the lead time on ordering them was?

Crazily enough, these do actually exist

Actually, there are 13 in that picture. :wink:

We are using chain

Ooooowww, our other mentor always wanted 13 wheel drive!!

I meant what are you using for the tread that wraps around the wheels? Unless I misunderstood and this is a six wheel drive, rather.

This is for a six wheel drive. The tread we use for each wheel is similar to this: http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-0523.htm