pic: West Coast Altered

roboticWanderor i would like to see them or can you email them to me at rcthekid1323@gmail.com


Pretty hard to say this design posted was a alteration of your design alone though. West coast is obviously known for their drive designs and I must say that the link you posted was up way after a few greats such as 254 and team 60. Just throwing it out there.

On another note, alex, thanks for sharing your take on the west coast drive with the rest of chiefdelphi it’s always nice to see what all the teams get out of other great role model teams. :slight_smile:

How about using CD-Media?
http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/23573 (And scroll down on this one)

There’s a few more there too. You may have to search for both the teams involved.

righto, uploading now.


The gallery includes photos from regionals and off season events that either 254 or 968 attended, as well as build photos and other misc stuff.

Most of the pics are a little better than the stuff on CD Media.

thats where i found it, unfortunately they don’t have any 2008 robot pinups yet. (cmon guys!) but there are some great pictures from previous years!