pic: Western Canada Winning Alliance

Thank you to team 2013 and 4719 for one of the most exciting and powerful alliances I’ve seen this year.

So happy for 2013 to finally get to go to champs. Been rooting you on all year for the past few years—see all three teams of this alliance in St. Louis!

Thanks to everyone from 4334 and 4719!

As soon as I saw 4334’s Premier Night video I knew something significant involving both our teams would happen in Calgary. I am sure both teams were relieved to find themselves on the same alliance- the fear of playing against each other was likely just as strong as the desire to play together!

I am so thrilled that we were also able to work together with 4719- the confidence you showed during our teams’ net-meeting sessions throughout the build was well warranted. Your robot is an excellent machine, fully capable of playing every aspect of Aerial Assist. You guys are heads and tails above much of your competition and will be a formidable force with other competitors in St. Louis once you fix that clutch. I will never forget the quote by one of your drivers- “I didn’t think our robot could be any more ghetto and then you guys came along and covered half of it with tape and cardboard.”.

Thank you all for the great success and I hope we all meet again at champs!

A million thanks to 4334 and 2013 in making our team’s dream come true.

Team 2013 taught our team everything about the strategy necessary to win this year. We fried our encoder on day one and team 2013 took two brand new encoder off their robot to keep us going. We treasure deeply their guidance and friendship.

For those who haven’t seen our robot, it is make out of plywood, masonite, hockey stick, duct tape and donated cardboard LOL.

I will be talking to a machinist tomorrow to CNC the yoke and backstop to replace the 3D printed part that keep breaking and crippling our robot.

See you guys at St. Louis.

Ken Lam
Mentor Team 4719

Need I say more?

Anyone have video of the eliminations?

All Matches are located here