pic: Westinghouse Pirates FIRST Team 354

Neil Degrasse Tyson commenting on how bad our encoder is.

Ooohhhh! Looks like we got a teaser over here!

Looks like a great turret! The belt drive wheel is nice. What are those hexagonal yellow things? They look like the things used to hold the transmissions together in the KoP, though what you’re using looks pretty strong.

Looks like the AM item, just colored yellow for their color scheme.

you are correct, yellow is our color and will never change!

and as far as this being a teaser. nah, seasons over, we ranked 33/66 in NYC.

Do the G-House Pirates have a giant flag that raises out of their robot this year? That was awesome!

not this year, but me being the lead mentor, I can make sure for 2013 I make it happen. I have to give the fans what they want :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, considerations of robot functionality may have to come first.