pic: We've got a ringer...


I cant remember, did they call a penalty? Because this was in contact with the town at the end game, but it was placed there in tele-opp…hmmm

There was on at Kettering too, and yes it was called as a penalty.

This happened up at Kettering too. I threw the square, it took a bad bounce off the driver station and landed on the pole. There is nothing in the rules about what to do when this happens, so they gave our team a red card.

There is a rule about interfering with the opponent’s tower, I was next to the tower at Kettering and I couldn’t see the green lights at the top. If by any chance a team used those lights as an indicator to release their minibot, they would be at a disadvantage.

For the record, no robot attempted deployment on that tower that match.

176’s human player did this to our own alliance’s tower in the QFs. The MC declared “2 points for 176!” during the match, but obviously, no points were given. Surprisingly, neither was a penalty of any kind. :smiley:

Although there is a rule against this (G23), the rule is stated in the End Game section of the manual. I believe it would be up to the refs at that match to decide whether it was placed in Teleop so it is fine, or if it is in contact during End Game and incurres a penalty. Personally, I think an instance like that is purely luck and not a practiced manuver. Just my $0.02.

Penalty didn’t get called because it was placed there by the same alliance as the tower.

It was hilarious though, took the minibot hook, a team flag, and two tall people to get it down.

Couldn’t they have used a bot that could have reached up there?

It was hard for me to resist the urge to try to hang a tube on one of the polls at the NJ regional. (but I did resist that urge)

I think HP’s will start to brag about who can “ring” the minibot tower.

I’d love to see that at SVR! Just a bunch of HPs battling it out to see who gets the most tubes on the poles! Just for one match, to screw around with the audience. Give them some (more) entertainment!!!

Sounds like something to be doing during practice matches!

There was one complete ringer at FLR and a second that just got stuck on the top of the tower. Both were really funny.

Now the real trick is to make a minibot that can launch that tube on to the rack before the game is over.