pic: WFA Winners at Championship

We got 9 of the WFA winners together for a picture in Atlanta: Dave Verbrugge, Dave Kelso, Bill Beatty, Elizabeth Calef, Mark Breadner, John Novak, Kyle Hughes, Dan Green, and Paul Copioli. (Not shown: Ken Patton, Rob Mainieri, Mike Bastoni and Sister Andy)

Thanks to Dee Weber, Team 71, for the photo.

Sister Andy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great pic. I just wonder how people find the time to get together to take a pic, especially when these group of people, I’m sure, have a ton to do!

They weren’t there very long. In fact, they were supposed to have their picture taken with the WF Award. We didn’t realize John got to keep it for the year, so we had given it back to the FIRST staff after having his picture taken on the floor of the dome!

So the real behind-the-scenes commotion was the 2 large guys in Bomb Squad shirts carrying the very large metal award traveling case across the courtyard from the event office with me clearing the way. I’m sure that was a funny sight…anyway we didn’t make it in time for the picture…but we left some startled folks outside. :o

Ugh… I’m sorry that I missed this picture.

Sister Baker

Andy, I have a very good picture of you with the ruler…photoshop?