pic: What 399 is bringing to Battle at the Border...

On the right, our competition robot, James Bot.
Left: our new test bed robot, SPOiler.

Not seen: our new 2 tube auton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXT-hqnr4mk

SPOiler has the same exact drive train specifications as James Bot, but is slightly faster due to the absence of approximately 50-70 pounds of arm structure.

James Bot:
6WD West Coast-esque drive. 6 inch wheels bring us to about 15 feet per second.
Roller claw with automatic grabbing mode.
-SD Regional Finalists with 1540, 2439, and 294
-Utah Champions with 2122 and 3239, and Engineering Excellence
-Galileo 3rd seed captain.
-Fall Classic 3rd captain. Finalists with 3647, 980, 696, most effective award.

Purely defense robot
Same drivetrain specs as James Bot.
Gyro-assisted pushing match/blocking mode.