pic: What are these parts?

I bet nobody here can guess what these are…

here are some hints though; they have serial numbers and I’m 99% sure it’s Titanium 6Al4V.

if it is for vex i would say it would be used gathering balls

towel rack from the Space Shuttle bathroom?

hmm, Judging by the fact that they are titanium and have serial numbers I want to sat they are medical parts. I have seen plates and screws for fixing serious bone fractures and breaks. They have all had serial numbers on them.

So my guess is that they are meant for medical use.

With ya on that one, If you look on the ends of the curved piece, they are notched, meaning they’re adjustable, and they look like they slide into the little mounting brackets. Definately something medical, but can’t tell you what.

I’m not convinced of the medical part. Titanium 6Al4V is normally used in Aircraft due to its excellent heat properties… So I’m guessing it’s something from some sort of aircraft…

The part that really confuses me is that Titanium 6Al4V is usually used inside the turbines and jet engines, because of its heat resistance.

So I have no clue, only more pieces to the puzzle.

You got it… these just got back from spending 2 1/2 years in my chest from a kickboxing injury.

EDIT: I like the towel rack guess… I’ve been working in aerospace a while and it would fit right in to make something so trivial entirely more expensive and stronger than it would ever realisticaly need to be.

Break your sternum?

No, I tore the cartilage near the sternum pretty bad.

There is a condition known as “pectus excavatum” which is that “hole” in the chest you see on some people, I apparently had a very, very slight case in which you cuoldn’t even tell really. When I get kneed perfectly lined up there, it pushed in rather far and became a rather severe case… It was even cutting off one of my bronchial tubes almost completely (It also was pushing on my heart and supposedly raising my blood pressure). the bar had to be put in to flatten it out while it regrew (which apparently takes a long, long time…).

Kinda gross, and yet totally amazing at the same time! :yikes:

Wow. I’ve done martial arts my whole life, and I’ve never seen that kind of injury… However, I have seen ribs shattered… is that similar?

Glad that things out, cuz that means you’re better. :slight_smile:

The injury wasn’t completely from martial arts. It was a defect that went unnoticed(?) and was aggravated by the kick. So, take for example, had he falled on a soccer ball on his chest, it may have happened anyways. Just unfortunate… but it’s good that he is better.

looks like you broke an ice bucket to get the handle and a small jewelery chest for the hinges

If I were you I’d use it on next year’s robot.

It would make a great conversation piece with the judges :smiley:

Judge - “So where did your team get the titanium?”
You - “Oh… I had it surgically removed from my chest…”

The cost accounting might be prohibitive … especially if you have to account for the “installation charge”.

I knew it!:slight_smile:

I came really close to having a plate and some screws put into my arm. The doctor showed me them and they looked very similar to the 2 smaller plates shown there.