pic: What Are We Doing?

What are we doing?
Well… All we will say is that neither of these are prototypes or practice bots.

Are you building a second chassis that runs of the power of the first? A larger version of the “minibot”? :open_mouth:

My guess:
You are building two different robots.

  1. Is a 4WD drive that stacks outside of the frame
  2. Is a 6WD drive that stacks within the frame

Maybe the two chassis go in front of eachother after the match starts? You’d need a crazy system to lower one though…

Transport configuration size restrictions do not apply once you’re on the field setting up. You can just do it by hand, as long as you don’t delay the match (guideline is you should be able to do it in a minute or less).

True, but you need to transport within the normal size box. Fitting all of that into the box might be a bit… difficult to transport with. If you could though, I can see how you could use fasteners to attach them together within 60 seconds. That might help lower your center of gravity as well…

I’m assuming you know the answer and didn’t just wander into the work space and see that laid out.
If that is what you walked in on uh sorry I guess…
Am I only allowed to use the picture to guess?

I would suspect weight would turn into an issue if they planned to use both at the same time, My bet is they want to try both and have 2 complete robots bagged just in case.

Are you building a robot by chance?

Now that you mention it, I’m not so sure they are!

A tethered, 2 part robot? I really wanted my team to do this but we decided against it. If that is what you guys are doing, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

the squarer (is that a word?) is the drive chassis - looks like drive mounting holes and bumper flares, and the tall one is the elevator - “wheels” mounted sideways for the lift mechanism. If I am correct, I recommend moving your battery location - would be long wire runs and very top heavy.

I hope you guys are doing what I think you are doing.

I hope they’re doing what you think they’re doing too, especially if we are thinking the same thing. It would also be cool if y’all are doing it.

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I’m not so sure about that. To me, it looks like the aluminum belly pan of the long oriented frame seems to have cutouts for gearboxes right in the middle. Also, why would an elevator need a belly pan? Maybe it’s honestly just a second chassis. Perhaps they’re just being GP and helping another team fab or sharing their work space.

Although to be completely honest, I don’t know what you’re making here, but I really hope it’s a flop-bot. After all, this is the first year flop-bots have been legal for a very long time.

Who added the tags that are with the picture?
I’m seeing #returnoftheminibot and chassis…
Those are my guesses as of now.

For the long chassis, assuming your stacking inside the chassis perimeter, are you guys planning on driving on the scoring platform and just dropping the stack there?If so you will have trouble with a 6WD since you have a center wheel pivoting on the scoring platform when ontop.

My guess is building a robot.

BigJack is correct! This is for a team we are helping to mentor. They were not able to meet much during winter break at the school and have limited resources.


This does not mean we are not doing the 2 robot 1 battery minibot concept. Anything could still happen in 3 weeks…