pic: What are we up to? FRC1771

This is what we have been up to for this year. The base is entirely constructed of 12mm okoume plywood that has been laser cut. The entire frame with axles weighs 18lbs.

Wow, that one pretty much blows ours out of the water. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks pretty solid. Actually, it looks really really solid. Any hints as to what kind of cool mechanisms will be going on top of it?

ur design looks pretty similar to the design we r going with

Looks like a 3D puzzle. Looks good and very strong, good job 1771. You guys always seem to have something that is unique and effective every year.

Thanks everyone. I kinda left off the specs so here goes:
-6wd with a dropped center wheel and the center wheel is directly driven off of highly modified tough boxes
-The frame was designed so that everything was aligned by tabs for easy assembly and boat building epoxy was used
-This frame is much stiffer than our custom 1/4" thick aluminum frame last year for an approximately 10lb weight savings.

As for whats going on top, it is eerily similar to what you guys have already posted up with a few differences. Mainly we will be able to shoot downwards at a 40 degree angle without reducing the speed of our shooter. Hopefully everything comes together

O and this is bot #2…the real thing will be even nicer

That is very nice! I really like how it’s self tabbing. Got a team full of model airplane builders or welding guys?

Haha it would seem like that wouldn’t it. No actually I came up with the idea and I have been refining it this past offseason, but I never thought we would actually build a wood frame since it is kinda unconventional. However, the team really embraced the idea and I think it will pay off big time.

I’m digging the spots all over it. :wink:
I like the wood frame, and I can’t believe it’s only 18 lbs with axles! Actually, maybe I can believe it, but I’m in disbelief because our robots are always overweight, and it starts all the way from down there. Looks like you’re going to have another great season.

Sean…you are a beast. Very nice work. I look forward to seeing you guys in Atl.

The weight is just like ours, the construction is fantastic! Nice job…can’t wait to see it moving balls around

What’s the glue you’re using? Those spots remind me too much of cyanoacrylite (CA)… Then again, I’ve been helping build an R/C airplane.

We are using MAS brand epoxy. It is a very strong slow cure epoxy used in boat building. One of our students got a bit carried away with the epoxy on the top. i kinda think it looks cool though. Other than the smell, this epoxy is incredible.

That’s the coolest wooden chassis I’ve ever seen. Looks really solid. Good job!

but the question is, will it float?

It would definitely float. We have built it very similarly to the way you would build a wooden boat. We use no screws or nails and only the epoxy to hold it together.

I’m still waiting for the game where the GDC clarifies that the regolith is covered with 6" of water around week 4.

We would be one of the few teams that would be ok. We will just keep on floating. I must say wood is the real deal for frame material

Sean you are the man and I wasn’t expecting this from you and I like it. Super Cool and see you at nationals.

That is a thing of beauty.

As a wood worker I was wondering how you made those cuts until I read the caption. A laser almost seems like cheating, but thats just myjealousy of not having one:D .

Believe me…sometimes having the laser I feel like we are cheating too. We were the first people to try lasercutting okoume so it was a bit of a mystery as to how it would work. Luckily it came out beautifully and everything fits together like a puzzle. I really don’t see much reason for a wood frame after building this one. It is stronger in every way except for gouging resistance but thats not an issue with bumpers.