pic: What are we up to? FRC1771

what thickness is that oakume and was it hard to find, I built a kayak and it was pretty hard to find a supplier.

It is 12mm okoume. It was a royal pain to find a supplier. There is only one place in all of Georgia that carries it and they generally don’t have much stock of it so it normally is an ordered in item. They also have meranti plywood but we chose the okoume for the weight savings.

This is the second time I’ve looked at this picture, and I’m still trying to figure out how you service the drivetrain. Do you have to tip the whole robot up on end and work from underneath?

Yup to work on the drivetrain we will flip the bot. The bottom is completely open. We really dont have anything to service though. The chains are tensioned from the sides. The plan is to basically never touch it. If we do need to though it will be super simple. The center wheels are directly driven which cuts down on maintenance pretty substantially.

No, the question is, will it blend?

“Bot smoke! don’t breathe this!”](http://www.willitblend.com/videos.aspx?type=unsafe&video=iphone)