pic: What are we up to?

Well given we are only allowed to use 4 cims I’m guessing the extra gearboxes were put there to get people wondering, although a year with a higher cim limit would be really cool, then we would have really fast or really powerful robots with lots of torque

You’re obviously working on FIRST Robotics.

Obviously, you’re waiting for the rest of the gearboxes to arrive!

Building three robots? Not a bad idea, you just seem to be missing a frame or two.

Not only that, but it appears that there are two cims at each gearbox

Note the interesting configuration of output shafts. It goes down up down up down, like an upside-down w… Planning for a water game!

Really, I do think there’s something to that, I just can’t think of it right now.

What’s all this talk about robotics.
They obviously really like the CNC machine :rolleyes:

I bet 4 of those have got a single cim in them (holonomic or something) and the other two are the new 3 stage tough-box (maybe modified in some way) for manipulators.

Count the wires coming out of each transmission, each one appears to have 2 motors.

About 65 pounds? ::safety::

Triplets. Cool. Maybe.

I think. I could be wrong but if y’all have triplets again that would be awesome.

Some of the gearboxes just look like they’re upside-down.

Also, It looks like they’ll only be using two of those gearboxes. If you look in the middle of the side of the robot, there’s a nice hole that would be the perfect size for the shaft of a motor.

Also, it looks like we’ve got a barrier-crosser here.