pic: What are we up to?

This is part of a package I received today. What are we doing with all this?

You are making super powered, CIM driven, Dewalt drills with Andy Mark transmissions. You plan on drilling through something very hard, so you need a super powered drill. And then you want to drill through aluminum very quickly, so you flip your AM Gen2 into high gear and boar out a hole big enough to put your new 3" pneumatic piston in.

3 Speed x 2 Speed = 6 Speed!? :eek:

You made the mistake of flying somewhere with four drills and a robot. This is what was left after the TSA “inspected” your luggage.


oh boy you could do lots of things!!!
possibly all the gearing solutions you need:
fisher price and globe motors in the dewalts
CIMs on the shifters etc.?
or maybe some crazy dewalt AM hybrid, although that is doubtful!

You’re making a swerve/crab.

I wish… nothing beats the cool factor of a crab; however, 973 is working on a lighter variation of the west coast drive than what we currently use. These are just parts we are considering using for different gearbox options.

edit: nevermind–let me dream, people! :stuck_out_tongue:

six speed transmission dude that smell like sumo to me
edit aww man six speed would have been so cool

My guess is that you just posted a pic of random parts, so you could read the discussion while you laugh at us. :wink:

EDIT by Steve W : Uncalled for.

I suppose times have changed… at least I got a couple good chuckles out of people. :o

Sorry for any inconvenience,


Making the first robot with nothing but Dewalts and a few Andys powered by a flux drive.

Perhaps a highly powerful tread bot for massive defense… Or perhaps he’s making many bots…

You are building super 6 speed drills powered by CIM motors. This gives Speed Holes a new meaning.

Preparing the machinery to drill several half-holes. (with half-drills, of course). All that’s missing are the half-bits… (or, like me, the half wit)

I KNOW!! I KNOW!! Have you MADE the prototype yet?

Breaking whichever gearbox you’re putting in the last stage of that reduction? :stuck_out_tongue: