pic: What? CD's upgrading?

Apparently CD does an upgrade at 5:47am, and Tom had to figure out something else to do while waiting to board the plane…

Looks like he has plenty of stuff on the “to do list” with a 3 line task bar there… lol

</me feels so lonely with only a 2 line task bar… :frowning:

Close those pop-ups, man!

(don’t feel so bad- I run a 1 line task bar.)

no popups-- thanks to google.

I like the 2-3 line taskbar cause i can see what all windows say, instead of just the first letter or two of the title.


My shell comes with a two line taskbar, and more importantly, virtual desktops!

you don’t run XP? And that looks like a brand new HP too! XP will group windows of the same application.

You could get Mozilla and have tabbed windows. :stuck_out_tongue:

the grouping is even worse!! it takes 2 clicks to get to the window! thats twice the time! i’d rather lose a bit of desk space and gain speed of use…


Agreed… Altough 3 lines seems a little extreme… :smiley:

And, Astronouth, I use tabs in Firefox, but a separate window for different categories of stuff. For instance, right now, I have a a CrystalSpace window (where I’m attempting to read the docs), a CD window, and a window with a library website. :smiley:

I hear ya there man… That’s why I’m running Windows XP but with Classic mode.
Stupid (wrong) changes to Windows…

Don’t they ever change stuff that doesn’t piss you off like the whole, My Computer on top of My documents, and then the switch to below My Documents… Arghhh… You know how long it took me to fix that?? a minute.
And then I have to change it everytime I go on a computer at school, (same with the grouping vs. classic) cause the computers reset themselves when they shut down…

Am I the only one these changes have bothered???

I hate the 5:47 upgrade.

Before I left for IRI, I was going to call Brandon and freak out if it wasn’t over in ten minutes or so. Stupid upgrade.

OK OK OK OK. You night-owls and your addictions. Here’s the assignment for those of you that care enough to get the backup time changed. Analyze the stats pages and find me the most ideal backup time. This would be the time where the least visitors are on the page, most likely. I need good evidence, not just ‘hey, do it at 2:17 … or 2:29’. Write up a few words and if it’ll make things better, I’ll consider changing it.

I’d do the research, but I’m lazy … and the 5:47 doesn’t bother me much. :stuck_out_tongue:

So that’s why I can’t log on in the morning at times before I leave for work. If you didn’t want me on CD you could have said so. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually looking at the statistics it looks like (unless I interpreted them wrong) anytime between 4:30 and 5:30 am is when there is the least users. I don’t think you can improve the time too much. I’ll live with the backup especially since it’s important. Just remember, no matter what you do you won’t please everyone.

I"ll also guess having the backup take place at 47 minutes past the hour is deliberate. :smiley:

make the backup at lunchtime, that way all those crazy engineers will miss out on our fun :slight_smile:


Based on a little statistical analysis, the best time to do an update (the time with the lowest traffic) is during the 5:00 hour. Over the past 5 months or so, it’s been the hour with the lowest average traffic. Thus, I would suggest that the update occur sometime between 5 and 6… preferably earlier than 5:47. However, it does fit in that time slot, and as Brandon mentioned, he’s lazy, so no change is really necessary.

So, based on statistics, those of you complaining should just go to bed earlier like all the sane people on these forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a bit of my corroborating data:

Hour    Pages     Hits        Bandwidth(MB)
3	25974.2	138768.2	807.842
4	20562.0	110226.4	660.828
5	15854.8	82632.4	         507.348
6	19822.6	111462.4	690.608

Yeah, I’d say maybe a little earlier, closer to 5:00. In the spirit of odd times cough5:47cough maybe 5:17:36? But, yeah, I don’t really need to be on at 5:47 anyway. I’ve got a whole day ahead of me… :smiley:

And, go to bed earlier!?! That’s when I get up… Scary people; I should hope you’ve gone to bed by that time… :smiley:

Maybe the reason that the 5 o’clock hour has less people is because you can’t reach CD for 1/6 of it.

Anyway, I’d rather cut off a west coast high school or college student still surfing at 2am then an east coast engineer surfing before work at 5:47am. Recently i’m on CD at 5:47 (although pacific time, so I don’t get hit).

You can disable the grouping in XP. That’s one of the first things I did on my work computer.