pic: What Code Red did to MOE at PARC.

this is what Code Red (639) did to us at PARC they hit us so hard and so many times they bent in the bar on the right, and bent in the the latch thing for our boxrighter.

Yeah yeah yeah, Greg and I were agressive but we wanted to do well… for that match, we were just trying to knock your stack out, not do any damage to your robot :slight_smile: That was just a side effect. You have to say though, that we were partners, we fought just as hard against other teams with you guys and 284. Remember Semifinal 2 for us when we were 70 points down? Exactly :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, good job on the stacking competition. Greg and I are still planning the assassination of Brian (our coach for that) for not telling us when there was 15 seconds left, or 10 seconds, or 3,2,1 BUZZZZZZZZZZZ - “[expletive deleted] it! Brian!, we have 5, they have 3, and you can’t count!”

I don’t remember hitting the front of your robot… only the back.

We watched the tape of that match at our team party tonight, you did get a few hits in the front and thats when u got us. but you guys(and girls) did a great job as partners and the stacking challenge was fun also hehehehe.

I also wanted to thank Greg for giving us some work to do fr most of PARC, you helped us discover lots of new things to work on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great jobs Code Red, cant wait to see you next year…

The severe denting of the front of our robot caused Flower mechanism to malfunction and touch the stack at the end. The flower mech has been sketchy since we got it back on Monday before PARC. We will fix it up for other comps since we got a couple months.

You guys got some really good shots in. Using the ramp to get you looked like 25 with that ramming speed. But stackers shouldnt fight, they should stack. U guys are a great stacker and alliance partner. It was nice to carried by an alliance when we break. U out performed us in the Stacking Comp. Since we had drive and stacker problems we had to abort our usual path and we decided to drop at 15 sec and head for the ramp as our only hope to win. I would have liked to see a 1:45 stacker round, with really high stacks. 1:00 was just confusing and it is not like the one stacker round took very long.