pic: What did you get signed?

Got this done at the NC Regional – got the ball done too. Yes I have washed my head ;=)
Photography by: Danny and Robby Levenson

Nice! Also, nice sign in the background! :smiley:

If I was a balding man, and Dean Kamen signed MY head, I’d immediately make my way to the nearest tattoo parlor and have them make it a permanent fixture. I wouldn’t have washed it off! Just saying.

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

That’s pretty funny. I know a bunch of the students on my team got their hats signed by Dean when he came to the Troy District. And I have a tshirt signed by Woodie, which I think is kinda cool. We also have a silly stuffed animal that looks like a bee but is shaped like a bear (appropriately named BeeBear) that Dean signed when two of my girls got to accept our award at the Championship this year. I think they may have been more excited about that than the trophy that they brought back, haha.

That was the first thing Dan from 1598 showed me when i met him in NC that
saturday while visiting their pit. This was prior to the infamous ball and safety
glasses incident that day.

I was once considering cutting off my hair (as a joke) because long hair gets in the way of robots sometimes.

Suddenly that idea is looking much more appealing…

I think the bee antennae are enough for now… :yikes:


I heard rumor that someone actually did that, but with their arm or leg instead of their head…

My shoes! Paul, Woodie, and Dean.




^Ooo I want customized team shoes :stuck_out_tongue: ! That’s so cool!

I have an old cape signed by Woody Flowers and other notable FIRST mentors (no Dean Kamen signatures yet).
Also, I have a team 65 shirt from last year signed by all of the team members on that year. I love that shirt :slight_smile:

i very well may shave my head next time i go to a regional :slight_smile: I personally have had Dean and Woodie sign a few of my team shirts and hoodies (ive been lucky enough to see both of them every year) and ive also gotten them to sign our team’s letters and our mascot (a giant lightbulb)