pic: What do u think


I think the wheels are far too big but other than that, it looks like a very competitive machine. How is stability with that short wheelbase? I bet it drives nice though.

The wheels are only 6" and it drives great im the driver and its the best I have driven so far.

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how many balls can that hold and how sturdy is it? Ramp accessible? sweet looking robot.

Can we get a mod to merge this thread with this thread since they are identical pictures?

just wait till the comp. i never said we were done

I’m willing to offer my services for any last minute fabrications you might need to do at NYC regional, if you need any help ill be the tall kid at the 1155 pit with the black kangol hat, just come and ask.

So did you guys make two or was this picture was pre ship.

Sanddrag, I love you like a brother, but you really need to relax on the wheel thing… Although there is a VEX wheel tat looks interesting…