pic: What do you see? Tricky, tricky Dave...


I did a little close looking at Dave’s hint & I just want to see if you see what I see.

ahhh… I see it now. In the dark blue reflection lines above and below the banana you can see what looks to be 4 different objects. In the bottom reflection there looks to be a blue, red, and green striped fish and what possibly looks like a person above it. Then in the reflection above the banana there looks to be green blue and red balls of some sort surrounded by a yellow object (possibly a fish??), and above that there is another object which i cannot make out. Very very tricky Mr. Lavery.

It kind of looks like a Van Gogh painting.

Except the banana. How odd.

It almost looks like a bad map of a costal area, giant banana boat and all.

(Someone has too much free time… to make it and to see it…)

You are right on there… I had ACL replacment surgery on Friday and I am stuck on the couch with my knee in this silly machine that just bends it back and forth.

ouch… get better soon!

I’ll tell you something I don’t see in that picture.

I don’t see someone who searches before they posts.


Nuff said.

That still doesn’t explain the banana

You see WHAT? :ahh: It doesn’t even look like a banana to me, more of a string bean. Is that Mr. Spock’s pointy ear sticking out from the right edge? :confused:

This reminds me of my favorite spin-off quote from the movie “The Six Sense.” “I see dumb people… they are walking around and they don’t even know they are dumb…”

And to quote Jane…

Ok Mr. Iron Fist Elgin, I’ll bite on this one… :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s bringing up a new topic about a specific region of the picture. The other thread is over flowing with ideas from different people and is far past the point of being useful. Its the offseason and this thread has gotten some good responses, so does it really matter?

indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Granted, it’s a funny-looking banana. But banana it is.

crank up your contrast and brightness it you can see better

Ha ha I was going to do that, but then decided against it…

Since I don’t know how to do it on Photoshop (or whatever), has anyone tried reversing the colors or whatever? Just to see if that does anything?

Worth a try… I’ll have to examine the rest of the original picture too, see if anything else is in there. Or has someone already done that?

I Went back to the original image & … The Bananna is FLOATING The shadow is between the top & Bottom Fish…

I hate having this much free time

I NEED to get back to work.

you must look beyond the banana thats the point i was trying to make. If you have a look in the ripple effects (the dark and lighter blue stripes) you will see a reflection of some interesting objects i tried to describe before and hadn’t noticed before this. The banana is just a distraction to what’s hiding around it.

There is no spoon…

totally man, I see it. you need to start with your eyes close to the screen and move back slowly, allowing your eyes to cross and then the magic image appears…this one is a sailboat right?

Gee, I saw a kitty. Are we looking at the same magic image?

This picture will never go away will it.

Well I tried adjusting the contrast and I saw the red blue and green spots but I have a feeling that it is just part of the ripple/shadow effect in what ever program Dave used. The Banana has been beaten to death, until some one gets word that First is contacting Fruit companies then I would have to assume the banana will not be part of next years game and is instead just representing Havabanana productions (or something like that), just like the credit at the end of the game animations. We only have a month and a half (probably) before the real clue comes out. I honestly don’t think that analyzing this picture any more will help us figure out the new game (of course that being said I will probably look dumb in January as Dave announces that the game will be underwater and robots will have to use the camera to locate fruit and to avoid the fish.)