pic: What does YOUR scoring table do during a time-out?

During one of the time-outs, the scorekeeper broke out a game of Solitaire and played it on the big screen. It gave the biggest laughs of the day, more than my jokes. Er, wait, bad example.

By the way, this is also a good shot of Mike Walker’s scoring system. It was a really good-looking setup. Mike Walker is the man.

lol that was us…

we dared a former teammate to play solitaire :smiley:

we also drew the giant smiley face :smiley:

Who has time for solitaire? Downtime is for coding the finals ladder…

haha, i remember that… did you win the game? just kidding. see you all later.

It was programmed, but sanddrag’s finger accidentally made its way to the power strip and killed the power to the scoring computer :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Move the black nine onto the red 10