pic: What Exploding Bacon does during the 'off-season'

One of the advantages to living in Orlando is that we are in the middle of one of the biggest convention cities in the world. This year Bacon, along with team 1649 EMS, were invited to the IBM Innovate 2012 conference held at the Walt Disney World Dolphin hotel.

During our visit we were invited to talk about FIRST, and our team, with Scott Laningham for his developerWorks podcast/webshow. We always love to do demos and are grateful to IBM and Mr. Laningham for giving us the opportunity. If you want to see the interview check out the link here

James and Brendan did a great job explaining FIRST and Bacon. The reason there were no high school students there was because it was after 5:30 and a cocktail party. (this is really when college mentors come in handy) The kids had been there earlier in the day.

Awesome job Bacon! Keep up the good work!


Great job! And it was great to see you at Planet PTC! You guys are busy!