pic: What FIRSTers are thinking the night of Aug 5th

Congratulations to the entire NASA team that have made this possible. Continue to lead the world in exploration and scientific discovery, and go find us some more questions.

Cough Cough Aaron Cough Cough

I know what he does, I know he’s very good at it, but it’s still thrilling to see him (as well as the faces from the 7 Minutes video) celebrating with the other blueshirts. -so odd to see him not in hawaiian-

It’s a great reminder of the types of people we are blessed to interact with, some on a daily basis. Students: Take some time to get to know, really understand, what your mentors truly do (if they’re at liberty to discuss, of course). There are women and men on every team that do insanely awesome things.

My mom noticed Dave, but I was fixated on the guy with the blue and red mohawk. That guy looked like he belonged to a team.

When the control room exploded when they knew they had landed that reminded me of students and mentors (mainly mentors) on the sideline
during competition when things go right. And when they brought out the team and they did the “Hi Fives” with the team leaders on the stage it reminded me of the award winners doing that at the FIRST competitions and i kept thinking…this is just like FIRST (or FIRST being like Nasa)

I thought he had something that looked like a Team 48 atom logo above his right ear, but then I saw it was merely a shaved star. Probably something flag-related to do with his red and blue hair. So sad. At first, I was like, well maybe he’s an alum who graduated before my time, haha. Denied.

I was watching with a fellow member from my team at Cornell U, and this is pretty much exactly what she said.

Can’t believe you did this but it made me laugh so hard! :D!

Heck our team has outbursts like that when we just get something moving that should move!

While I’m not trying to spark an political discussion, I would like to say I am donating to purchase a copy of the independent film Fight for Space and encourage others to do the same.

Bobak Ferdowsi “Mohawk Guy”](http://www.latimes.com/news/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-mohawk-man-guy-mars-bobak-ferdowsi-curiosity-jpl-20120809,0,4398745.story?track=rss) has become an internet sensation.

I worked with Bobak throughout the cruise phase of MSL. He is a very bright and hard-working team member who is now a bit overwhelmed by all the attention. Throughout the MSL’s testing, launch, critical cruise activities, Bobak would sport different hair styles. The team around him would joke with him and he took it in stride. For landing, the operations team voted on a hairstyle, leading to “Mohawk Guy’s” world fame.

He has had multiple interviews, video and twitter followers @tweetsoutloud

Bobak is genuine in his desire to inspire youth to work in high-tech. He would be a great mentor for FIRST. Maybe I’ll work on that…