pic: What goes on those 8020 Rails??

What goes on those 8020 rails? Stay tuned and find out after uh… i’m done celebrating the recent Gator victory.

Go Gators!

Just a heads up, as far as I can tell you might be required to put a minimum 6" bumper on the front of your robot to cover the corners.

See this thread also: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/32237

I think so long as they cover 2/3rds of the robot there is no rule saying you have to cover the corners. The 2nd update was referring to the instance of if you had a wide drive base in order to satisfy the 2/3rds rule you would have to add those bumpers in front. :wink:

Guess it’s all up for determination, would be REALLY stupid if that did turn out to be the rule (and would screw up like half of many peoples robot designs).

I literally lol’ed.

Rule <R08-I>
BUMPERS must protect all exterior corners of the BUMPER PERIMETER (see Figure 8 -2).

Bah, idk, it seem pretty overkill if you ask me, and totally removes any possibility for any team using a long drive base to have any type of collector.

Jeez FIRST has screwed up this year. Yay for limiting designs in every possibly way and then not clarifying in time to be useful…

1 entire week of planning just went down the drain, wonder when the battle bots season starts… >_<

the bumper plates are 5" but I can make the bumper 6" because it can hang off the corner using the sideplate bumpers as the backing for it

as designed it is still legal

You might check that again, maybe asking Q&A. My interpretation is that each bumper segment piece of plywood has to be at least 6". (See the Team Update 2 thread for details).

Also, the front plates that you have shown are not on your BUMPER PERIMETER. You could not use Standard BUMPERS there.

I also have my doubts on this being a legal configuration given the latest update.