pic: What happens at 75's Pasta dinner, stays at the pasta dinner...unless you are Aroon

Aroon pimping it up at the Roboraider's pasta dinner

hahaha…yea he got his hands on an old 75 jersey to top it all off :smiley:

hey i want a 75 jersey!


meh so do i, they are remnants from 2001ish… there arent any left, however if enough people want to buy them we might bring them back this year

gimme gimme now :stuck_out_tongue:

I want one too :frowning:

Do it. Just do it. =]

I was tricked. A few 75 kids were distracting me, then I turned around and this happened. Gotta love those (original)robo-raiders.

Those jerseys were expensive. I think they were like $40 per. They were worth it though. I still have one that says “Captain” from my brother’s reign back in 1999.