pic: What happens when the Technokats go out to play...

Mac, Ricky, Paula, and Mike of CooneyTech (269) enjoy a finals match from the handy-dandy Technokats webcast station…because, by the end of the day, it was so hard to trudge the extra 30 yards to the actual field itself :wink:

I think the best part of this picture . . is the empty pizza box on the floor.

if you don’t mind me asking…how exactly did you hold the webcast?
what equipment/hardware/software did you use?


There is a wireless network available in the Armory at Purdue.

Hey, that’s what it was there for. It may be there at Toronto, if theres wireless.

The best part about the pizza box is that there actually was a pizza and a half when they first came in!

I’m seriously thinking about starting a FIRST pizza shop. Can be really profitable, specially during the build season. Specials can be named after Dean, Woodie, or Dave. Now i wonder what would be on each combo? :rolleyes:

Oh! I want The Dave. It will have pepperoni, sausage, and blueberries! On second thought… hold the blueberries.

Pepperoni - Mars Surface
Sausage - Martian rocks
Blueberries - hematite spheroids

I think the Dave has to have jello on it.

The Dave is a large pizza with a dozen Krispy Kremes.