pic: What happens when there's a farmers market outside IRI

One of my students decided that instead of buying lunch in the venue (or delicious corn) he would buy a head of cabbage from the farmers market outside IRI on Saturday. I have to say, he ate the whole thing and did not complain once…

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When he went to buy it, another one of our members almost bought a watermelon.

The black raspberries, candy onions, and Dad’s corn were all great too! At least for us a little further north, that corn season hasn’t started yet.

A whole head of cabbage? I mean, I like raw vegetables, but… I dunno.

Gad I didn’t ride back with him the day after…:rolleyes:

One of our members bought a cantaloupe and went to the barbecue food truck to borrow a knife to cut it. Funny part was that when she got back with the knife we used another members necklace to cut a crack and another member pried it open with his hands.

“They told me this was fuel!”

“Technically speaking, they aren’t wrong…”

Edit: Whoops…

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They told me this was the image post, not the associated caption contest. :wink:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here:

No farmers market for 2018 IRI.


What, did you give them a negative rep? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone need me to pick up any corn on my way down?

I’ll take requests.