pic: What happens when Tim Arnold's team wins Chairmans...

Tim was just a little excited when his team won the Chairmans Award at the 2008 Florida Regional. Brittany and I decided to find him shortly after the award ceremony to congratulate him. I’ll just say, I think he’s still this ecstatic.

Tim is laughing so hard because he overheard me say during the photo that his Dad was jealous! Thanks to everyone who congratulated MARS; we could not have been more shocked or humbled to receive Florida’s Chairmans Award.

On a side note, MARS is starting to post photos from the Regional here (there are 9 pages so far).

That is one thing I love love love about MARS, the sheer amount of pictures your team produces. I always have fun looking for myself in them.

Congratulations once again on the awards :slight_smile:

Yes… thank you Mars for your amazing photographs. I have framed my mohawk photo from last year behind the dry-erase board on my dorm room door. It’s a great conversation starter.

Congrats to your team, and that is a pretty sweet trophy. As an awards assistant, I had the honor to touch it before it fell into Tim’s posession. :slight_smile:

Best wishes in Atlanta!