pic: What Happens When You Go Too Fast...

This was a result of our last match on Friday at GLR. Good thing we had spares.

Is that a 2007 or a 2008 wheel? (It’s hard to tell the difference with the lighting.)

Ha ha…wow- when we used those in 2006, they broke on us a couple times- not fun to fix. Glad you had spares.

Looks like a 08 to me, from the top of the wheel. This years, tread has more of a dip to it then the 07 tread.

Edit// Err… i was wrong.

We did this three times in 2006 with the skyway wheels.

This was a 2007 wheel so we weren’t surprised when it happened. I had heard tales of 330 going through these like candy, so we were prepared.

The 2007 wheels don’t usually break like that when you go too fast. They break like that when you suddenly go sideways. Swerve drives were especially hard on them last year.

(The spoke redesign for the 2008 wheels appears to have worked as intended. None of the new wheels have broken on our practice 'bot, and all of the old ones have.)

We destroyed a few of these with our swerve drive this year, but nowhere as many as last year. Last year at WMR we once broke 3 during a single match >.<

We weren’t the only ones…

They failed in exactly this way, too. All six spokes would break right at the hub and we’d have no wheel. Mostly on the practice robot, but we did lose one or two to fractures in competition. And yes, it was sideways force that broke them.

The title of the picture was a bit of a joke, this year we’re trying to make speed our thing and got a lot of compliments at GLR about our quickness. I think it was actually caused either by us running into something while turning or a team running into us during a traffic jam.

You guys still had one heck of a slick drive and were thus awarded “The Michael Diaz Beastly Drive Train Award” from us. Again, thanks to you and 27 for agreeing to pick us for the elimination rounds.

we broke two during the florida regional going over the high spot in the track

We added wooden inserts between the spokes and other modifications to strengthen all of our '07 wheels. They worked quite well. This year, we’ve only destroyed 1 '08 wheel significantly (the bearing that we pressed into the hub shook itself loose and destroyed the hub)

Same thing happened for our team, last year and this year on our practice bot (has the 07 wheels from last year’s practice bot… that’s a lot of wear!) This year, we’re prone to tipping right when we take the turns fast, and we just broke another right wheel last night.

That wouldn’t happen if you had a decent field coach :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not from going too fast. Most likely you lifted one drive side of your robot off the ground and held it at full throttle. When it came back down the momentum in the drive train tried to put all that energy to the wheel and snapped the spokes. In race cars when you hop a tire at WOT you can blow a rear-end, drive shaft, axle shaft or transmission. Even when I used to race RC Trucks, when you came off a jump you had to let off the throttle or you would shatter titanium axles as you hit the ground. It comes down to driver error when this happens.

lol okay again… the title was a joke. Jeez people, lighten up a bit.

Considering our driver is a freshman and this was only his second regional, I’d say he’s done a pretty darn good job. 2 regionals under his belt and 2 advances to the semi-finals. Just think what he’ll be able to do next year :ahh:

Yep, those are definitely 2007 wheels.

Congrats to 1646 for making it to the Semi-finals.

Andy B.