pic: What happens when you try to block our FCS

We added a small dent to the right of those two today.

Yee bee warnd.
the same will happen when you try to block 2471

Hehehe I feel like we resemble that remark :wink:
Oddjob is a fitting name, counting the two times that it beheaded our bot.

edit-Here’s a good look at it during match 26

I’ll make sure to pack the bulletproof lexan. :smiley:

We took out a digital camera and damaged the shooter on one aggressive defender…

Anyone who thinks their shooter could do damage should check out some video of 3711’s (Iron Mustang) shooter from Central Washington or Oregon :wink:

And that is exactly why my team has agreed that we shouldn’t ever use our new robot as a demo robot.

I agree, will be hard to dent or destroy our floppy Polycarb shield.

Bring IT!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, we could always turn our shooter wheel up another 1500 RPM from what we control it to while shooting full court.

Just remember that there is a rule that does not allow intentionally damaging another robot. This is not Battle Bots. Good luck!!

Why stop a disc when you can deflect it just enough to make it miss? Resilience, not stiffness, folks!

Right, none of us wants to hurt anyone’s robot, but we do joke around about it.

This is ChiefDelphi. Since when are we serious? Hahaa

Considering the only match I’ll ever be with with 1806 they will be on my alliance, I’m slightly less worried for the moment considering that’s the match I want their shooter to work!

All match schedules are … preliminary … at this point… :yikes: