pic: What Happens When You Work In Rural New Hampshire

All work and no play makes Jack go crazy.
All work and no play makes Jack go crazy.


Where potato cannons are as good as cash.

Visit at your peril, flatlanders.


Must get boring in a place without any real mountains.

By the way, is that a compressed-air potato cannon? Cool. The ones I’ve been involved with have always gone bang!.

hee hee looks like you guys are just having tons of fun

at least right then it’s not snowing

robot building is better than shoveling snow

(yes i live in Florida but i have seen snow and shoveled it)

That’s one hot spud gun. I made one this summer, but it’s nowhere near as powerful as that one.
One word of caution: Make sure no by-the-book police find you playing with it, you’re not supposed to have them here in NH. I got warned for firing mine down in the sandpits near Concord. :frowning:

Shovel snow? Get a snowblower. Trust me. My neighbor got smart and he has a winter home in Florida, so he lets me use his snowblower in return for me shoveling his steps whenever it snows.

Back “on topic”, I love potato guns. Never actually had one myself though… :frowning: My parents wont let me.

I built one when I was 16-ish. It was great fun for a couple of weeks. Then it blew up in my hands. I came way-too-close-for-comfort to losing my right hand. It was black (bruised and useless) for a few weeks after that. Have fun folks, but be smart.

SMRT, smart!


:ahh: ouch! luckily I have never had that problem. potatoe cannons are fun to play with… my mom cant figure out why we are always out of potatoes :wink: lol just be careful with them around dogs. mine goes physco when ever it fires lol

Yes, yes it is.

I think–I’m not sure, mind you–that the guy who it belonged to shot a potato a clear mile once.

Might be wrong. Might have been only many hundred yards.


Yeah, it’s pretty cool. We’re gonna build some more.

You do have to exercise caution with the police around here. I’m surprised that my magnum opus Toy Destruction has managed to stay undetected for as long as it has.


In addition to some combustion ones, Ive gotta jumbo pneumatic cannon. Its tank is a 9 foot length of 4" pvc, with a 1.5" barrel contained inside it. It empties that tank- fast- with a custom made piston diaphram valve. I did a muzzle velocity test with the pendulum method and at 60 psi, it shoots a potato at 450 mph. It can shoot em right through 1.5" plywood or split a 2 by 8.
Its pretty fun…but a certain tree in my yard that is missing alot of bark disagrees :yikes: