pic: What I'm currently hacking on [Pt2]

Long way yet to go. Much early, very beta.

Still not a sammich.

Way more intriguing than that, though. I’m not sure where this all ties into a team’s processes, but anything that makes a meaningful impact on understanding battery health is fine by me!

Hate to burst your bubble, and I’ve love to be wrong, but Lorem Ipsum and Meaningful Impact have had negligible correspondence in recent years.

…as evidenced above.

NaNaNaBatMon! Looking great, Marshall!

And a massive thank you to you and AD. As always, an amazing, generous, and gracious company when it comes to doing cool stuff in FRC.

Let me guess. Battery crate getting a small upgrade?

Evidently, there is a PCB disease affecting Durham based FRC teams. Not sure if there’s any vaccine… :ahh:

Side note: that is one very well loved mouse in the background…

That’s really cool, but I’m not sure a 6502 is a valid controller for FRC robots :slight_smile:

In the mid-to-late 80’s, my home computer was a 6502 based industrial control unit (based largely on the Apple ]+). I plugged several interesting interface boards into it over the years. Apart from the size (about 6 or 8 U) it would have been a pretty good robot controller with the right boards.

When deciding team name/mascot at beginning of our first year, we actually considered referencing the 6502 somehow. Legendary processor, but ultimately we decided it wasn’t widely known enough (although imo it would have been cooler than DARC SIDE)

Edit: how cool would it be to have an avatar of the 6502 IC?

I love the custom pcbs