pic: What is Dave talking about?

I was going through my 2010 Championship pictures when I came upon this one. I have no idea what is being said.

I would wager he’s talking about a future caption contest.


The train whistle goes Woo-Woo!

(probably another ingenious game hint planted by Dave months before anyone even thinks about a game hint!) :wink:

Definately saying “Oh no you did-n’t” Cross body finger waggling included.

I think he just made a popping sound with his finger and his mouth.

Clearly talking about how good it is to eat Krispy Kreme donut burgers with all the trimmings.

I was standing just to the left of this picture. Dave is talking to NASA chief Charles Bolden during the Curie eliminations. I think he was just explaining some of the rules and strategy of Breakaway.

Do you really think Dave would do that right in front of his head boss from NASA? :rolleyes:

Actually, Dave is talking up FIRST to the NASA Administrator, Charlie Bolden, who’s standing behind his assistant. Whatever Dave said, it seems to have worked, as NASA is likely continue to support FIRST for sometime to come!


He’s demanding to get the last Krispy Kreame.

I was standing immediately behind them at that exact moment, off to the left of the picture just out of frame. Dr. Bolden is just barely visible.

If memory serves, Dave WAS just popping his finger with his mouth…

No, wait.

He was, as jspatz1 wrote, explaining the game to Dr. Bolden and the young lady in front of him. This was during QF4-1 on Curie, my team was on the field (That’s our head coach to the right of Dave wearing the Pi-O-Neers shirt) and I knew who Dr. Bolden was and wanted to stand right there just in case I had a chance to speak with him (taking advantage of a rare opportunity).

The words were “each ball is worth one point…” (That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.)

BTW, Dave’s on his bike ride at the moment, too cheap to drive the length of Florida he takes a bicycle…

WOW !!! Way to go Dave !

Or maybe he was reminded of the bet he made and was going to have to pay for!:stuck_out_tongue:

i wonder how many miles per krispy kreme he’s getting

I think he’s channeling Mr. Tudball (one of Tim Conway’s hysterical characters).

Either that or he’s trying to give a fish face lesson. Just one.

Explaining that he wasn’t the genius behind the 6v0 against Las Gue-

Oh wait, that was IRI. Sorry, I get the two confused sometimes :wink:

Is this taking the place of this week’s caption contest? [EDIT]Oops, nevermind![/EDIT]

“Krispy Kreme is returning to Philadelphia? I know what regional we’re going to next year!”

(ref: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/breaking/business_breaking/20100930_Krispy_Kreme_returning_to_Philadelphia.html )

As a Philadelphian, my wallet and health curse you for informing me of this.