pic: WHAT IS THIS???

Ok, this is our mentor Rick looking very confused on what he is holding, can you figure it out? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Team Driver/Designer


it is a galatic portal

A sculptors rendering of our thoughts and feelings during build time?

yeah it’s modern art.

Its one of those exercise machines they sell at Kmart

lol. I just bought one of those last week.

looks liek something that would do a pretty good job stirring up balls in a hopper to me… :ahh:

Way to ruin the fun by being serious.

It’s clearly meant to be a chair of some sort. Only without any cloth on it yet.

I don’t know what he’s holding, but there is a catapult in the bottom left of the picture. :D! Somebody made a catapult! That made me happy.

your chassis?
am i right?

Not so sure about that, looks like a camera/sensor of some sort. interesting shape, it might be able to get good look at that dust bunny under everyone’s couch…

It’s obviously the stocks for incompetent freshmen…

But possibly intergalactic space-time wormhole too.

:yikes: :yikes: LOL
I love all these answers. Actually they are… Nevermind, I want you all to keep guessing. But yes, that is a catapult in the background. Here are some close up pics of it:
Shooter Teaser #1
Shooter Teaser #2

Have fun

Team Driver/Designer

Well, Obviously its the bigger brother to 1278’s "Secret Weapon "
Which (Ironically):

  1. Is also being held by a guy named Rick (Me)
  2. and im also a mentor

Granted my picture was taken during the second week! maybe you have a spy working in our midst? :ahh: :yikes:

He must be holding your bumper system. I think you’re missing a few parts to make it legal…

Nice looking catapult too.