pic: What on earth happened? (or what on the moon??)


I walked into the shop and found this sitting on the table… what on earth happened?? Or shall we say, what on the moon happened…?

Someone wired the mouse for an EKG?

(or they are experimenting with robot motion sensing)

someone had a little boredom and too much fun? lol

The mouse wanted to break free of stereotypes and decided to re-wire itself.

I bet it is more than just X/Y motion sensing. I think the buttons will work as touch sensors for detecting balls and the roller will measure the rate of orbit ball pickup. :smiley:

You see this is what happens when everyone goes wireless…

The wires have to go SOMEWHERE!!!

I just think it grew whiskers.

Looks like one of our freshman got a hold of it. Idle freshmen hands are destructions workshop.

haha i guess this one just wanted to be different

So THAT’S where my mouse went!:ahh:

Caption contest?

Hmm… mouse chest-burster?

Hmmm… i know EKG’s for humans use 12 leads… but i guess a mouse is too small to fit all those leads!

Haha you guys make me laugh :slight_smile: I thought I would get a ton of serious answers or yeah yeah we are doing that… but these “captions” are great!!

I’ll make you a deal, whoever comes up with the best caption (I will have my students vote) we will send one of our custom red camouflage orbit balls to!

Can I submit? :stuck_out_tongue:

everyone knows when you leave a mouse out in the sun to long it starts growing little wire hairs, after they get about 1 foot long burry in 3 inches of dirt, by may you will have about 7 mice!

I didn’t know computer mice had whiskers these days! Why back in my day, all we had were punchcards, mountains of them, and we walked through them in the snow, uphill both ways, barefoot, and we liked it! Then we got these here newfangled “mice” that allowed us to point, click, and if you were lucky, it did something you wanted! Now they have whiskers! What next, a cat to chase them?

Haha the scary thing is that I can see that happening especially when some robotics kids have to much time on their hands.

The pun was clever lol

Actually the mouse is being used to automate the production of nearly 100 orbit balls in Rolling Thunder colors for the Rochester Rally. One wire is hooked up to each strip of the ball and with one click of the mouse the weaving begins! Moments later a completed ball appears! :yikes:

Sigh. Don’t I wish!?! :o

Caption: “No, I wasn’t playing with the mouse … why do you ask?”

Caption: “Look at it this way: At least they didn’t prototype this with a live mouse first…”

Also, to EricH, ala the four yorkshire men:

Luxury! In my day, mice were made of lead and had one button, if you were lucky. You had to duct tape your hand to them to use them, and the aluminum wiring kept them at a toasty 130°F the entire time. The resolution was so poor that to get the pointer across the screen, you had to drag the mouse from one side of the room to the other. And if you moved the pointer off the screen, it’d electrocute you for a warnin’.